HOOAH!!! The World According to Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade

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Scent of A Woman was undoubtedly one of the greatest films ever made. Thanks to the brilliancy of Al Pacino for portraying the world’s most stubborn war veteran, Lt. Col. Frank Slade. Slade drags college pupil Charlie Simms(Chris O’Donnell) on a wild adventure in New York City to enjoy the finer things in life. As Charlie is introduced to Col. Slade, things start off shaky between the two. Actually, things are shaky for a while. Poor Charlie thinks he’s babysitting an old helpless blind man a quick easy buck, but little does he understand what this war veteran has up his sleeve. Charlie was just your typical student trying to work his way through boarding school, but one encounter with Lt. Col. Slade allows him to see the world in what very few people see of it. What makes the colonel to appealing, is his level of confidence despite his…

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