I knew Quora was going to suppress my answer concerning the situation in Palestine


My answer to the question ‘Have you ever been to a middle eastern country’ has been collapsed on Quora.

They say it violated their policy and that it was not ‘nice’ and ‘disrespectful’.

I have appealed, saying:

‘Hi, I have carefully reread my answer. Although it quotes one person being very negative, the answer itself is very respectful, it does not attack anyone and merely states things I saw with my own eyes. It’s a piece of journalism. It got a lot of positive feedback elsewhere. If it’s not allowed on Quora, then perhaps Quora does not allow journalism, which is fine, but this answer is in no ways disrespectful to anybody. Could it be that this answer is flagged down because the conclusion might be that Israel’s well-known policies are harmful towards Palestinians? Since the post is in no ways disrespectful towards anyone and cites examples of people urging…

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