Angry Bosnian Fan

Losing is not the worst thing that can happen, not if you have a courageous and positive performance to be proud of. Losing to a clearly superior opponent is understandable. You can still lift your head high knowing you had a real go. I had that feeling when Bosnia-Herzegovina lost 1-0 to Portugal in a hard fought play-off in Lisbon years ago. I don’t have that feeling now. What I feel now is more akin to shame and embarrassment.

Once again we’ve fallen short except this time it wasn’t against a more talented group of players or a footballing superpower; it was against the Republic of Ireland, a scrappy but technically inferior team that hadn’t managed to score more than 1 goal at home for an entire year. And this time, there is no positives, no ballsy performance, no encouraging future to take comfort in.

Every pundit I came across…

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