Angry Bosnian Fan

Belgium beat us. They beat us and extinguished our only chance of automatically qualifying for Euro 2016. We had to win and we didn’t. I won’t say “couldn’t” because that would be a lie. We could have, but we didn’t. It was a hard working but often sloppy performance, particularly in attack, and Bazdarevic made a few questionable decisions, but even so it was only after the late penalty by Hazard that the game felt truly won for Belgium. If not for Courtois it easily could have ended as a 3-3 draw. There is no shame in being defeated by a talented team currently ranked #2 in the world and composed of some of the most valuable players in football.

The loss is tough but even harder to endure is the half-baked “analysis” that follows. It happens every time we lose. Most fans succumb to extreme knee-jerk reactions and their…

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