Not exactly a fan of Cameron, to be honest I hate the man since 1994 racist rant “True Lies” onward, but Avata wasn’t that bad – at least as far as environmental thematics is concerned.
That’s why I liked this post:

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So now the Vatican has jumped in to the ongoing discussion about Avatar. According to the Vatican newspaper, the movie “gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature”.  And how is that bad?  Are the major domos in Vatican City inferring that the movie is anti Christian?  Being respectful of nature and appreciative of flowers, birds, animals, fresh air has now become a negative?  Pretty soon Avatar will be blamed for the fact that the gilded cathedrals are empty on Sunday morning.  Let’s blame climate change on Avatar.  And while we’re at it, is there not an element of voodoo worship in the movie?  Bestiality.  There’s a theme that the movie promotes.  Don’t go see the movie because it will lead you to abandon Christian values and adopt a spiritualism that honors the natural environment.  It`s a friggin movie guys! Rock on James Cameron!

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