When it comes to people, people as humanity, I was always pessimist, sometimes I would succumb to cynicism too, but can you blame me, really ?


“The Tequendama Falls has the dubious honour of being the largest wastewater falls in the world…Liquid wastes from the city are flushed untreated into the Bogotá River at the lower edge of the sabana, a few kilometres upstream of the Tequendama Falls. Downstream from Bogotá, the river is filled with sewage…” (The International Development Research Center, Canada, http://www.idrc.ca/en/ev-29703-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html)

Bogota River Tour with Fundacion Rio Urbano

Saturday I spent 12 hours touring various parts of the Bogota River with the director of the Fundacion Rio Urbano, who used to be the head of Colombia’s equivalent of the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  Thanks to a Colombian woman I met on a hike I was invited along on this excursion (check out her blog about traveling in Colombia – http://colombia-travel-marcela.blogspot.com).

German, the director of Fundacion Rio Urbano, picked us up at 8am with tshirts and hats from the Foundation to wear, so…

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