We men all know how to wrestle bears. šŸ˜‰

we hunted the mammoth

Angry manosphere dudes sure do love them some apocalyptic fantasies! Which totally makes sense, since they all seem to imagine the apocalypse as little more than an opportunity to deliver a big ā€œtold you so!ā€ to women and ā€œmanginasā€ and probably their pet goldfish.

Over on MGTOWforums.com, our robogirl-obsessed friend avoidwomen has been reposting assorted comments heā€™s apparently found on The Spearhead, and which he just loves, loves, loves! Unfortunately, he hasnā€™t provided links or any other information about them, and Google didnā€™t much help, so I donā€™t know who exactly should get the credit for the following bit of postapocalyptic fiction.

Itā€™s sort of long, but I think youā€™ll pick up the gist of it right away. (It also sounds really, really familiar ā€“ have I written about it before, or is it just that MRAs and MGTOWers are so predictably unoriginal?) Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Letā€™sā€¦

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