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Everyone begins their new year in different ways. Many run to sign up for gym memberships they’ll forget about in about three weeks and others who think it’s finally time to kick the chemical addiction of nicotine.

And then there are those who like to begin the new year by throwing their communities under a proverbial bus. Yep! It’s that time of the year when the Muslim Leadership Initiative’s first cohort for the year leaves (on Saturday) for Israel to continue an apparently new tradition of self-righteously participating in a propaganda trip meant to undermine the dominant anti-Zionist narratives in the Muslim American community–specifically on campuses.

In case you aren’t familiar, last July I published a piece entitled ‘An Interfaith Trojan Horse: Faithwashing Apartheid and Occupation‘. I had posted it at The Islamic Monthly where I was, at the time, a columnist and previously the Senior…

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