Snippets from the Manila Art Scene

Just as we wondered how many more Kotillion ladies Jose Tence Ruiz can whip up from his imagination, he springs a major

surprise.  A majestic, larger-than-life, three-dimensional version stands at the center of Art Informal, dominating Spectaculation:  Only The Old Die Young, Bogie’s solo exhibit now on view at the gallery’s space in Greenhills.

Perhaps it was inevitable, given how closely identified these corsetted ladies have been to him.  Sooner or later, Bogie, like Pygmalion, was bound to bring one to life— or as close to it as possible.  Working with Danilo Ilag-ilag, who has collaborated with him on his sculptures before, Bogie fabricated Dama de Noche from resin. The voluminous skirts of his Kotillion ladies have always been painted as accumulations of objects that signify their personalites:  slabs of meat, or cursive letters that form into words, or thickets of overgrown branches.  This lady here goes…

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